Visible from the main road on Skye, from Portree, the Old Man of Storr has a height of 535 metres. The first ascent of the rock was in 1955. Located near Loch Leathan, there is a small car park! Just like Uluru in Australia, it is a sacred rock. You cannot miss it. Due to its geographical shape, Skye has also been called the 'winged isle'. The first part is a clear path. Old Man of Storr. The Old Man of Stoer is popular with climbers due to its height and approachability. Making it incredibly easy to access the route. As you are driving to Portree, the ridge and pinnacle appear in front of you. Storr is a word of Norse origin and means ‘great man’. This rock pinnacle is 2,385 feet tall and sits proudly on Trotternish Ridge. The start of the walk to the Old Man is in the parking lot on the A855 road from Portree to Staffin. Instead, you can simply enjoy hiking in the area! From 1 August to 17 September 2005 one of Britain's single largest environmental artworks was staged on the walk up to Coire Faoin at the base of the Old Man of Storr and the Storr cliffs. The last part is a bit of … MORE ABOUT THE ISLE OF SKYE: Media and the arts. This particular rock is called the Old Man Of Storr and is part of a formation of mesmerizing rocks. The Old Man of Storr is one of the most famous attractions on the Isle of Skye. It was only 15 minutes of driving from the campsite so we arrived early. If the clouds are not covering it, the Old Man of Storr Skye can be seen from far away. Legend has it that Old Man of Storr was a giant who had lived in Trotternish. It is a rocky formation lying below the mountain of Storr. The valley was clear, the hills not so much. Famous for its maginficent scenery and views, the Old Man of Storr is a popular hotspot for hikers, hill walkers and photographers. The path up is good but can be muddy in wet weather. A couple of miles north of Portree, you find the most bizarre geology on the island, the Old Man of Storr. THE OLD MAN OF STORR The Storr is a majestic rocky cliff located on the very popular Trotternish Ridge. The Old Man of Storr towers over the Sound of Rasaay at an elevation of more than 700 meters, and a hike up the grassy mounds toward the group of curious pinnacle rocks that surround the Old Man offers incredible panoramic views of the water and the surrounding mainland. The Storr is definitely impressive – the name is not given lightly! And it is easy to understand why it is one of the top things to do in Skye island. Those reasons mean that I do not encourage you for the Old Man of Storr’s climbing. Naturally there are many legends surrounding this majestic landmark. Jutting out of the undulating terrain, this 160-foot-high stack of rocks is one of the most epic in Europe and probably the most photographed place in Skye. Also, The Old Man of Storr is considered a sacred place by some locals. Climbing the Old Man of Storr The Old Man of Storr views from the road to Portree. Starting and returning to the same point, the walk towards the Old Man of Storr is around 4km of incredible scenery. The Old Man is a large standing formation of rock part of the Trotternish ridge. The hike up is pleasant. It was first climbed in 1966 by Brian Henderson, Paul Nunn, Tom Patey, and Brian Robertson. Climbing it could offense the locals. You can take the opportunity to walk up and down the Storr on a 3.8km route, that takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. When he dies, he was buried with his finger left sticking out, creating the ridges. Old Man of Storr. It really has some magical vibes hanging in the air, something very old. One of the most awesome rocks on the island is 'The Old Man of Storr'. What is the Old Man of Storr? After a good night rest we drove to the Old Man of Storr.