This means that the new deadline to file tax returns and make tax payments is now July 15, 2020, instead of April 15, 2020. 2020 Extended Filing Deadline: July 15th. Alabama Extensions. Utah State Tax Commission. COVID-19 Related Relief for Taxpayers On March 13, 2020, Governor Ivey declared a state of emergency in response to COVID-19, thereby allowing the Accessed Jan. 27, 2020. Gov. ALABAMA INCOME TAXES Automatic Extension To File Automatic Extension To Pay 2020 Estimated Payments Interest/Penalty Relief Tax type: Business Income/Franchise Corporate Income Tax: July 15, 2020, for corporate income tax, financial institution excise tax, or business privilege tax Pass-Through Entities: July 15, 2020, for composite On March 23, Governor Kay Ivey announced that the state income tax filing due date is extended from April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020. As part of an unfolding coronavirus tax relief package the Federal government has provided extensions to both filing and paying income taxes for Tax Year 2019, which would normally be due on April 15th, 2020.. 2020 Coronavirus Tax Payment Extension Our office is prohibited by law from providing private citizens with legal advice, representation, or opinions (Code of Alabama, 1975, Title 36, Chapter 15). Accessed Jan. 27, 2020. Alabama has a state income tax that ranges between 2.000% and 5.000%. "File an Extension." Filing via paper can be a time-consuming process and the IRS takes longer to process your return. Corporate income tax filing and payment deadline: Extended to July 15, 2020. Unlike the IRS, Alabama grants all taxpayers an automatic 6-month extension (which means you do not file an extension in Alabama) of time to file penalty free beyond the April 15, 2021 due date. March 2020 deadline for motor vehicle registration, renewal, and payment due to COVID-19; penalties will not be assessed until April 16, 2020. All departments of revenue will automatically provide this relief, so taxpayers do not need to take any additional steps to qualify. March 16, 2020, is the deadline for filing 2019 S-Corp and partnership tax returns, or extensions, 2020 S-Corp elections for existing entities, and 2020 Section 475 elections for a … To reduce the impact of the COVID-19, the IRS is giving a 90-day extension from April 15, 2020, to file returns and to make tax payments. West Virginia State Tax Department. We last updated the Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher in January 2020, and the latest form we have available is for tax year 2019. B. Most states will release updated tax forms between January and April. "Extensions & Tax Relief." Alabama 40-V is a payment voucher you can use to submit payment of your state tax bill via check. Businesses struggling to pay the full amount of sales taxes collected in February can receive a short-term payment agreement, as well as waivers of penalties and interest. Most state income tax agencies have provided some sort of tax extension and payment relief due to the coronavirus crisis for the 2020 tax filing season (tax year 2019). The Alabama Department of Revenue will automatically grant you a 6-month extension. If requesting a 3 month extension, 50% of the estimated tax due must be remitted with the extension request on … Accessed Jan. 27, 2020. Taxpayers may defer state income tax payments due on April 15, 2020. According to a press release, “The agency has set up a dedicated email address — — to assist businesses with extension-related questions. March 15, 2021 for the 2020 tax year. Extended Deadline with Alabama Tax Extension: Alabama offers a 6-month extension, which moves the filing deadline to October 15 (for calendar year filers). Quarterly estimated income tax payments calculated on or submitted with: Form 990-W, Estimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable Income for Tax-Exempt Organizations ; Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax … Virginia Department of Taxation. Modified 2019 Tax Return Due Date: July 15, 2020 Alabama Filing Due Date: Individual income tax returns are due by April 15 — or by the 15 th day of the 4 th month following the end of the taxable year (for fiscal year filers). For Tax Year 2020 you can e-File an IRS Tax Extension by April 15, 2021 for free on (instructions on whether you should consider a Tax Extension or not). By Geoff Williams , Contributor March 20, 2020 The financial institution excise tax return is due on or before April 15th. Accessed Jan. 27, 2020. Specified tax returns and payments subject to extension by Notice 2020-23 . An extension has to be filed by the original due date of S-Corporation tax return. Extensions can be filed electronically or by paper. Alabama JIncome Tax The Alabama Department of Revenue announced that the state income tax filing due date is extended from April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020. If you are expecting a refund from Alabama there is nothing to be filed, an extension is automatically granted until October 15, 2020 for the filing of your 2019 tax return. Updated: Mar 23, 2020 12:04 PM CDT by Alabama News Network Staff Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Revenue announced Monday that the state income tax … All income tax returns that were required to be filed by April 15, 2020 are granted an automatic six-month extension, and are due on or before October 15, 2020. You can find the details of this relief below. Visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue page to learn more about tax extensions. Home; Tax; 2020 Tax Season Payment Deadline Extended to July 15 as Nation Fights Coronavirus - IRS News. Alabama Property Tax The Commissioner of Revenue issued an order providing that motor vehicle registrations and motor vehicle property tax payments due in March 2020 have been automatically extended through April 15, 2020. The extensions includes vehicles acquired needing to be registered This extension is automatic and applies to filing and payments. The primary duty of the Attorney General is to serve as legal counsel to Alabama's state agencies, departments, and officers. A U.S. citizen or resident files this form to request an automatic extension of time to file a U.S. individual income tax return. Business Privilege Tax (BPT) Financial Institution Excise Tax (FIET) First and second quarter estimated payments for the 2020 tax year; Additional information is available at Alabama Department of Revenue COVID-19 Updates. The current tax year is 2020, with tax returns due in April 2021. "When to File." Texas 2020 franchise tax reports deadline: Extended to July 15, 2020. For more information, visit Alabama Department of Revenue. Vermont Agency of Administration Department of Taxes. Anyone can use Free File to electronically request a tax-filing extension, which would give you until October 15, 2020 to file your return, according to the IRS. Extension of Filing and Payment Deadline for Income Tax, Financial Institution Excise Tax, and Business Privilege Tax. MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Revenue announced today that the state income tax filing due date is extended from April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020. So if you owe taxes for 2019, you have until July 15 to pay them without interest or penalties. Originally, only … New Hampshire, which has two statewide business taxes (the business profits tax, the state’s corporate income tax, and the business enterprise tax, a kind of value-added tax), reduced both rates in 2019, from 7.9 to 7.7 and 0.675 to 0.6 percent respectively. The Department will consider requests from sales tax dealers for an extension of the due date for filing and payment of the February 2020 sales tax return due March 20, 2020. i.e. This week the Internal Revenue Service announced that some Alabama individuals impacted by Hurricane Sally, which made official landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama, on Sept. 16, now have until mid-January to deal with impending tax tasks. Tax changes connected to the historic number of storms this 2020 Atlantic hurricane season keep on coming.. If the request is granted, the Department will allow filing and payment of such return on April 20, 2020 with a waiver of any penalties that would have applied. The Alabama Department of Revenue only requires that you file for an extension if you owe Alabama taxes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government extended this year’s federal income tax filing deadline from April 15 to July 15, 2020. Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Revenue today moved the due date for filing state ... 2020,” Ivey said in ... and the Business Privilege Tax are included in the due date extension. Alabama: Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Revenue announced that the state income tax filing due date is extended from April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020. the April 15, 2020, due date for the payment of the following state taxes until July 15, 2020 for any "person," as that term is defined in Ala. Code S 40-1-1(8): 1. individual income tax; 2. corporate income tax; 3. financial institutions excise tax; and 4. business privilege tax. Tax Deadline Extension: What You Need to Know Due to the coronavirus spread, Americans now have an extra 90 days to file and pay their taxes. 2020 state sales tax liability. State income tax filing and payment deadline: Extended to July 15, 2020, without penalties and interest, regardless of the amount owed, for all taxpayers. Businesses with sales tax, use tax and other business tax due in the months of March, April, and May 2020 may now file and pay those tax returns by July 15, 2020. The 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has placed financial strain on millions of American taxpayers and businesses. Form 4868 is used by individuals to apply for six (6) more months to file Form 1040, 1040NR, or 1040NR-EZ. Extension of Time for Filing Alabama Financial Institution Excise Return may be requested for 3 months or 6 months. March 16, 2020 at 5:43 PM CDT - Updated March 16 at 5:43 PM Taxpayers can also defer state income tax payments due on April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020, without penalties and interest, regardless of the amount owed. Taxpayers can also defer state income tax payments, including 2020 estimated payments, due on or after April 1, 2020 and Alabama to follow feds on April 15 tax deadline change Advocates have said people shouldn’t have to worry about filing their taxes in the midst of a public health emergency. For your convenience, provides printable copies of 48 current personal income tax forms from the Alabama Department of Revenue. If you cannot file your Alabama tax return by the due date, you do not need to file for a state tax extension. See our COVID-19 tax news and resources hub for more information about tax relief in other parts of the country and world.