Introduction Vulgar Auteurism is well-known guild within the ring of the film evaluation. The plot focused on Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly old … Film theory seeks to systematize film as a medium. The Pixar Theory You’ll need a fair bit of spare time for this one, but it’s all there at This list looks at 25 of the very best fan-made theories, from the 'so mad it just might work' to the 'dude must've stolen a script'. Evidence for this theory is the fact that "666" is the combination to open the case, as well as the band-aid on the back of Wallace's neck where the Devil supposedly sucks his souls from. Film Theories (HORROR) 2. The theory leaves the door open for female actors and minorities to play Agent 007 in future James Bond movies. The first more centered on documenting what one saw around them, and the second theory set on expressing the endless possibilities of the imagination. The multiple actors who've played 007 make it hard to see the film series as one long story. One fan theory states that the ever mysterious briefcase in Pulp Fiction actually contains Marcellus Wallace's soul. This faction, at the time of 2013, has gained popularity because of the enormous disputation that was stirred, when a … Obviously the movies were adapted from the Charles Dickens book of the same name, but that doesn't change this theory. Film theories 1. Structuralism investigates the structures through which meaning is conveyed, within a culture. The Theory: Grease is Sandy’s Elaborate Fantasy Before She Drowns. This is why he is so adamant on getting it, having sold it for wealth and power. Jordan Peele's Us movie has sparked quite a few film fan theories, with everything from the rabbits to Jeremiah 11:11, Jason and its commentary getting a look in June 4, 2015 By admin Leave a Comment. Film theory sometimes seems difficult and complicated, but fundamentally it’s a range of different tools that you can use to explain how film works. But one creative theory solves the problem: what if 'James Bond' is only a codename, reserved for the agents claiming the 007 title? 3. It may use Critical theory, Formalism, Marxism, philosophy of language, or Lacanian psychoanalysis, while film criticism analyzes and examines a specific film (though larger generalizations can still be deduced from criticism). Structuralism Ferdinand De Saussere Structuralism states that culture is to be understood as a system of signs or semiology which structuralists attempted to construct. Two Major Film Theories From Film’s Inception: Formalist & Realist With the birth of film in the late 1800’s two central theories of film quickly formed. 13 Crazy Theories About Movies That Will Change the Way You Watch Them Forever A time-traveler on the Titanic, a Disney movie set in the future … Film Theories Vulgar Auteurism. It would explain why James regularly uses his real name despite being a secret agent, and would help MI6's top agent gain legendary status around the world. Following are a few of the most helpful theoretical methods used in film studies: Auteur theory: The idea that the director is the single misunderstood artistic genius responsible for creating a […]