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LSx – BMW gearbox adapter KIT

This is GM LSx engine to BMW gearbox adapter flange.

Our kit allows you to run all GM LS seriers engine with bullet proof BMW manual gearbox, as the t56 and BW are getting harder to find and got really overpriced. The kit is Plug and play to run the BMW gearbox, you should use the LS starter motor with this kit.

Complete LSx to BMW gearbox adapter flange kit includes:

  • Flywheel (to work with Tilton 7.25” 2-3 disc clutches)
  • Adapter flange
  • Tilton OT II clutch (2 plate 900nm / 3 plate 1500nm)
  • Billet aluminum release bearing to work with OEM BMW fork and slave cylinder
  • All necessary bolts EXCEPT crank bolts (ARP crank bolts optional)
  • Instruction manual

Adapter can be used to adapt these BMW gearboxes:

  • E46 m3 6speed (2000-2006)
  • E36 m3 6speed (1995-1999)
  • E39 3.0d 5speed (1998-2000)
  • E46 3.0d 5 speed (1999-2005)
  • E46 2.0d 5 speed (2001-2005)

These boxes are proven to be bullet proof and have been seen on applications up to 1500 nm. These boxes in good condition allow really fast shifting.

Adapter kit PINK is ABC Clutch designed, manufactured and tested. All parts are CNC machined, checked and treated against corrosion. All measurements are taken with CNC dial-up gauge from OEM Toyota/BMW/Tilton parts for proper engine and gear box center collinear alignment fitting.

There are many adapter plates on the market, but ABCs are the only ones with centering pins, to get crankshaft center and gearbox input shaft aligned precisely. This guarantees that the multi disk clutch spline won’t be damaged caused by incorrect alignment. This is the same problem with Cut and Welded bell housings which during the welding will warp causing the misalignment.

Installation Manuals:
ABC Clutch - LSx Kit Installation Manualdownload
ABC Clutch - Throw Out Bearing Installation Manualdownload