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Subaru Clutch Kit

Clutch Kit, for, Subaru Impreza wrx and sti engines with 5 or 6 speed gearboxes. The one piece billet flywheel is made of Chrome Moly steel and we are using Tilton OT II twin or triple plate clutches for power from (900nm-1500nm). The flywheel weight is 5kg.The full kit weight is around 12kg. Please let us know what power and wich gearbox are you using when ordering.

These Tilton OT-II cerametallic Rally clutch kits feature 4 & 6-puck cerametallic discs utilizing a unique blend of ceramic and metallic materials that offer a good balance of performance and drivability. The 4 & 6-puck discs have a thicker friction surface than sintered metallic discs, providing the higher heat capacity needed when slipping the clutch. The kits feature a 7.25 in. diameter, a push-type release, a high-strength one-piece lug drive cover, and they are individually balanced and marked. The Tilton OT-II Cerametallic Rally clutch kits are available in 1-plate or 2-plate designs and are intended for use in Circle Track, club racing, drag racing, drift racing, off-road racing, and rally vehicles.